Sidekicks are humanoid like robots and act besides a Galaxy Squad member of a Red, Blue, Green, or Orange Squadron.

The Blue RobotEdit

The Blue Robot fights with Solomon Blaze, the leader of the Blue Team. He wields a Blaster.

Sidekick blue


  • "Welcome to blue team briefing - If you can push the right buttons in the control room, you're in!"
  • "Let's start where we left off: with the coffee. Oh, right. You don't drink coffee."
  • "Did you bring duct tape? Always bring duct tape, in case your helmet breaks."
  • "First rule in Blue Team: Keep liquids away from electrical instruments."

The Red RobotEdit

The Red Robot fights with Billy Starbeam, the leader of the Red Team. He wields 2 transparent green Energy Blades.

Sidekick red


  • "Well, look who's joining Red Team! Can you hit a target in zero gravity? Then come along!"
  • "If you can dress yourself while you're upside down, you're our guy!"
  • "Get your helmet on, dude! Geez, if you're gonna last in space, you better stick with me. "
  • "Quick: What's the first rule in space? Bugs are pests, not pets!"

The Green RobotEdit

The Green Robot fights with Chuck Stonebreaker, the leader of the Green Team. He wieldsw a transparent blue Energy Shield, and an Energy Blade gun.
Sidekick green


  • "It's "Let's go save some galaxy" time! Are you in?"
  • "In Green team, we only take on the best recruits. Like you. If you can fit in our gear."
  • "I want to see you show confidence, confidence, confidence! Stop combing your hair! You look fine."
  • "Back for more? Suit up for a loooooong space walk!"

The Orange RobotEdit

The Orange Robot fights with Ashlee Starstrider and the Leader of the Orange Team, Jack Fireblade. He wields a Blaster.
Sidekick orange


  • "Get suited up and report to Orange team leader now! Go, go, go!!"
  • "I see why it took you so long to get back here. You look awesome!"
  • "Did you get seasick on your last trip? Get some crackers and let's go!"
  • "Time for some spacy heroics!"